In 2007 Erik wrote a couple of dark, yet easy-listening songs, and this was the actual birth of So Much For Nothing. As it started to shape up with both more songs and lyrics, he decided to write a whole album. Time passed by and at the beginning of 2009 eight songs were good to go. He realized that he needed a drummer with really good skills to make this sound the way it deserved, so he asked co-musician Uruz to help him out. The recording started in August 2009 and bit by bit, it was finally finished in October 2010. On the way he got several guest musicians to participate which really makes this album nothing but unique. Inspired by general decadence over the years, So Much For Nothing serves you the finest tunes of dark and destructive metal-pop/rock.

Guest musicians on "Livsgnist" album:

Dag Stiberg (saxophone)
Kyrre Olavsrud (piano)
Peter Huss (guitar solo)
Live Julianne Kostøl (cello)
Ingvild Sareeta Kaare (violin)
Martin Storm-Olsen (acoustic guitars)
Niklas Kvarforth (additional lyrics and vocals)
Trondr Nefas (guitar solo)
Eirik Renton (trumpet)
Seidemann (bass)
Aethyris Mckay (guitar solo)